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Entertaining ideas for hours!

I’m kinda embarrassed about this, especially since I’m in college, but it needs to be said. I’m someone who is extremely shy to talk to a girl I like.

To be more clear, I’m extremely shy when I have to admit to a girl I like her. I might be able to talk to her like we’re completely best friends, but I’m always afraid of losing the friendship or making it awkward if I admit my feelings and the girl doesn’t feel the same way. So I literally go back and forth in my mind to find out how much I want to tell her and how to actually tell her!

Everyday I come home, I always regret not saying something. So I just entertain ideas of how to go up to a girl I don’t know and then the next day, when I see her, I just lose all heart.

This poem by Madisen Kuhn sums up how I feel sometimes.

i don’t

i’m too shy
to tell you
how i feel

so i’ll hide behind
timid smiles
and soft hellos

i’m afraid
if i ask you

“what do you think of me?”

your reply will be

“i don’t.”

This post was inspired by the Discover Challenge.



I hate taking photos, but I love posing for one with my friends. I hate cold water, but I love swimming. I hate fur on me, but I love petting dogs. I hate heights, but I love bungee jumping. I hate cleaning, but I like to be a cleanly person. I love surprises. I love laughing. I love seafood and lamb, but I've been a vegetarian for the past 2 years. Cared too much about the animals. :/ I'm an UCSD undergraduate student majoring in computer engineering! Oh! By the way, I go by the name "Wiz!" I'm a camp counselor for an organization called Camp Kesem and the kids at camp call me "Wiz." So it just stuck... Camp Kesem is life! :D

9 thoughts on “Entertaining ideas for hours!

  1. I feel…. how could you go wrong, by being honest?
    By being the true you?

    If the girl does not feel the same,
    perhaps you will then have one of the best,
    lifelong friends EVER with her!
    Or not.
    …and you move on to the next.

    It is the “not knowing” that eats us apart.
    How will you ever meet your mate,
    if you do not share your true self and
    let her know how you feel?
    She might feel the same way!!!!

    And…..It is okay for her to say, “I don’t”
    Then YOU know…

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    1. I tell myself this every day, so do my friends. Sadly, it’s so hard to actually do it! Also, what I’ve noticed is that most women say the exact same thing you just told me. However, my guy friends often say “Oh, I totally know what you mean!” haha despite how macho we all seem, us men are just as sensitive and scared sometimes. 🙂

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      1. Heard.
        Perhaps the right girl, has not walked into your world yet?
        Do not beat yourself up.
        Your day is coming…
        You will know when the moment is right. All will be well.

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    1. It truly is one of the most courageous things we can do. And it’s nice to see that so many people have that courage, i mean, we do have so many couples in this world! 🙂 Thanks so much for reading my post!


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